Occam's Razor

A Unified Theory of Physics

“It may take considerable time to probe all aspects of the Universe’s black hole nature, but great insights have already been gained on the structure of time, the source of the forces, dark matter, the illusion of the accelerating universe, the digital nature of experience, and so much more.”

“In time, this model will lead to an explanation for all that is. This includes the nature of thought and experience itself.”

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A Bold New Vision

Read this radical new understanding of the structure of the Universe.


Over 200 pages • Richly illustrated • 253 formulas

Every passing day brings new observed data on the physical properties of the Universe. A patchwork of theories formulated by Planck, Kepler, Einstein and other great scientific minds has evolved to describe bits and pieces of this great mystery, but no single idea has emerged to explain it all.

Until now.

In 17 richly illustrated chapters, complete with 253 formulas and calculations, Occam’s Razor by Gary Lyon Otto shows how the best possible explanation might also be the simplest: that the Universe itself is a single, unimaginably vast black hole.

Occam’s Razor supports this daring assertion with fully realized mathematical models that show how the fundamentals of physics have changed from the time of the Big Bang to the present moment. It shows how such constants as the velocity of light, G, Planck’s time, and Planck’s angular momentum are actually variables, dependent on the Universe’s radius. Occam’s Razor demonstrates the consistency of these insights all the way back to the beginning of time. And it renders obsolete such alternate theories as Inflation Theory, String Theory, Exotic Energy, Multiverse, and Brane Theory.

If you follow current thought on the theory of Universal physics, or if you’re just curious about the stars, you owe it to yourself to read this book.


  • What If?
  • Radius
  • Time
  • Velocity of Light
  • Mass & Mass Density
  • Kepler-Otto Universal Curvature Constant
  • Planck’s Limit & the Big Bang
  • Universe’s Mass and G
  • Testing Universal Black Hole Model
  • Acceleration
  • Energy
  • Planck-Otto Energy & Mass
  • Angular Momentum
  • Frequency
  • Events & Entropy
  • Unification
  • The Dynamic Universe
  • Universal Equities
  • Final Thoughts

About Gary Lyon Otto

Gary Lyon Otto, a graduate of Cornell University, is a financial adviser by day. He is also a self-trained mathematical physicist. His interest in the structure of the Universe has been a life-long fascination that led, over the past eighteen years, to intense study of existing theories of Universal physics and the formulation of his radical new theory of the Universe. Gary and his family live in Pittsburgh.

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