Occam’s Razor Overview

Occam’s Razor is a description of the Universe in its most simple terms.  It explains how the fundamentals of physics have changed from the time of the Big Bang to the release of the Cosmic Background Radiation, and finally to the present moment.  All of these formulations lead to the inevitable conclusion that the Universe is a black hole, and that the physics of this model exactly follow the precepts of General Relativity.

Most of the physical factors are dependent upon the changing proportions of the four dimensional geometry of the expanding Universe.  Each of the conclusions of Occam’s Razor falls within statistical tolerance of current observations and estimates.

Many factors that are considered to be constant, such as, the velocity of light, G, Planck’s time, mass, and Planck’s angular momentum are actually dependent on the Universe’s radius.  The Big Bang saw all of the universal factors, i.e., mass, energy, radius, time and entropy, residing at their Planck extrema.  Occam’s Razor establishes the physics that caused all of these to coalesce at the Universe’s first event.

Many of the alternate theories, e.g., inflation theory, string theory, exotic energy, multiverse, brane theory, etc. have lost their raison d’ȇtre since the inconsistencies that these theories were designed to resolve disappear under the Universal Black Hole model.

Bottom Line

The ultimate result of the Occam's Razor process is the following universal equations.

View Universal Equations

These equations are explained in Chapter 17. If you find these equations intriguing, I explain how I arrived at them in Chapters 1-16.

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