Does It Make Any Sense?

The extrema versions of Multiverse theory are obviously patently absurd to the extreme, but each of the other theories advance concepts that in many cases cannot be tested. The velocity of light speed limit of Einstein’s theory of Special Relativity is blithely thrown out for the hyper-expansion of inflation theory. All of this occurred before observations existed leaving no direct telltale evidence. Dark matter and exotic energy conveniently are generated by unobservable particles or forces, but scientists have had no difficulty in allocating 96% of the stuff of the Universe to these immeasurables. String theories solve for inconsistencies by creating unobservable dimensions. It seems that modern interpretation of the uncertainty within quantum mechanics states that anything goes.

But what becomes apparent when one stands back and looks at these theories collectively is that there is not a common thread or compatibility. Fundamentally, it can be asked, “Does it make any sense?” Theorists have replaced the search for elegant simplicity with abstract mind games and mathematical constructs.

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