The Approach to the Problem

In the 1993 film “Searching for Bobby Fischer” the character Bruce Pandolfini played by Ben Kingsley, the teacher of Joshua Waitzkin (Max Pomerank) a child prodigy, tells Max “Let me make it easier for you” and proceeds to sweep the pieces off the board onto the floor.  He then tells him to visualize the board and they proceed to play verbal chess.

If we sweep all that we know, or think we know, off the board and proceed to rebuild the Universe from the simplest assumptions possible, where will it lead?  We can then test each assumption with basic logic.  We then take our basic assumptions and turn them into fundamental formulas, some of which are well known.  The final step is to test it against current observations for credibility.  If the first set of assumptions test positive, then we make the next assumption, and so on.

As part of this process we can test each formulation for times prior to now.  The simplest method to accomplish this is to reduce the current radius of the Universe by half.  We can continue this reduction for many iterations until we approach quantum barriers.

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