Occam’s Philosophy Applied to the Existing Paradigm

If the present group of cosmological theories is viewed through the Occam logic filter they universally fall short.  The largest shortfall in all of the theories is that major components are unobservable and/or immeasurable.

Inflation theory puts forward conditions that have no evidence:   the theoretical vacuum energy whatever that is; the percolation of universes from the hyperinflationary “whatever”; the existence of the unseeable parts of our universe hypothesized in the theory.  The theory casually throws away Special Relativity both during the inflationary epoch and now, since distant parts of the Universe are theorized to be expanding faster than c.

String theory conveniently sequesters forever the unseeable seven dimensions.  Each of these becomes an adjustable parameter, which when compounded for all of the possible permutations, makes the millions of resulting theories the antithesis of Occam’s simplicity.  What does a rolled up dimension even mean?  It is either a dimension that positions and locates the stuff of the Universe or it doesn’t exist

M-theory leaves unexplained the source of the oscillating planes, what happens when the planes approach each other, i.e., does the existing universe collapse on itself?

Multiverse theory becomes one the most elusive.  Nothing can ever really be known about this theory since by definition, what is described are multiple universes that are at the other side of impenetrable barriers.  This is the nature a closed-system universe.

Is there a better explanation for dark matter than the idea of undetectable particles that don’t interact directly with matter and have no current basis in theory?  Even though these particles do not interact with matter or traditional energy, they must interact with each other.  Otherwise the lack of particle pressure would cause these particles to collapse to an infinitely dense dark matter center or singularity.

Exotic energy exploits the unseeable to the extreme.  Its source is unobservable, its mechanism is unknown, and its logic is questionable.  For a force to push everything away from everything else there must be a preferential push away from objects versus towards them.  Is this energy conserved as traditional energy or is there a continued influx of new energy?

Looking at these theories it becomes blatantly apparent that simplicity is clearly lacking.  There is no elegance in a group of hodgepodge unrelated theories.  All of these should be part of the same set of physical laws.  Instead each is an independent, complex, unobservable, and when taken together, unbelievable solution to the cosmological puzzle.  There must be a better, simpler explanation.

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