Misuse of Quantum Flexibility

Quantum mechanics points out that uncertainty is built into the structure of the Universe.  This uncertainty shows up in the waveforms of matter and electromagnetic energy.  The irony concerning quantum mechanics is that the uncertainty of the waveform resolves itself in finite and specific results.  The electron has infinite wave possibilities in its orbit around the nucleus, yet these possibilities self-cancel to form the specific finite electron shells of the atom.  A change in electron shells results in a specific and predictable quantum of energy released or absorbed.

It is interesting that each waveform of light has significant quantum uncertainty as to wavelength and location, but that the wave grouping preserves its energy while in transit to an absolute degree.  So even though a particular wave will experience ongoing changes in wave length, the overall frequency will be maintained.  Energy is preserved at all costs.

The uncertainty within the quantum mechanics’ mechanism has been inappropriately exploited by modern theorist.  The term quantum can be substituted for finite.  It is specific and unitary.

When the Universe first formed and it was composed of only a few particles, quantum effects displayed themselves on a macro scale, but once the number of particles became significant, the quantum uncertainty became blended together to create statistical certainty.  Many of these theories exploit uncertainty to the extreme on a macro scale.

The uncertainty component of quantum mechanics has been isolated by modern theorists and used to give philosophical license to allow for any and all possibilities.  In the real universe the quantum selection process results is real and measurable events.  In the end, quantum mechanics’ philosophical exploitation is just bad science.

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