Conceptual Geometry

There is only one set of rules for the Universe.  This set is called the laws of physics.  These rules interlock in one grand design.  Individual theories try to describe one part of the whole, but in so doing, they only describe an aspect of the overall structure.  All theories must not only be compatible with the complete set of physical laws, they must fit together as one philosophical and mathematical unit.

The laws of physics are interlinking pieces to a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle.  There can be no gaps between concepts.  This is conceptual geometry.

The laws of thermodynamics, must work with chemistry, biology, the functioning of black holes and every other aspect of the physical universe.  Ultimately, a grand unified theory will explain a simple yet complete universal design.

Current cosmology theories are inconsistent within themselves let alone relative to each other.  These are not seamless ideas that lead to an explanation of everything.  They do not form a geometric whole with ideas that are locked to the adjacent concepts with no intervening gaps.

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