Final Thoughts

The Universal Black Hole model is only correct if it is in concert with every aspect of the physical Universe.  In this sense it is extremely robust.  Its extrapolation explains the loose ends of the Big Bang theory and therefore eliminates the need for the more esoteric and spurious cosmological theories recently put forward.  It may take considerable time to probe all of the aspects of the Universe’s black hole nature, but great insights have already been gained as to the structure of time, the source of the forces, dark matter, the illusion of the accelerating universe, the digital nature of experience, and so much more.

Black hole physics creates a closure that makes this an independent Universe.  The event horizon separates our Universe’s thermodynamic experience from all other possible systems.  This model implies that the black holes contained within this Universe may provide the home of other universes with their own unique set of laws and thermodynamic closure.

In time, this model will lead to an explanation for all that is.  This includes the nature of thought and experience itself.

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