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8 thoughts on “Discussion

  • steve f says:

    You state that the black hole universe developed it’s own mathematics and theories as it evolves. How do you know this? Why can’t there be a Intelligent Super Being who planned the construction of this black hole universe? The numbers all match up so nicely and the constants are so perfectly aligned with one another. The universe favors constants and balance. Are you saying, there were no laws operating at the Big Bang?

    • Gary Otto says:

      Who’s to say that they are mutually exclusive. Look at the formulas. They work. This is not an accident. I’m saying that the Universe is here to experience. The laws of physics direct this experience. In the end the Universe and all other universes are intelligent. You can name that intelligence in your own way, but know that we are only recently conscious of our place in the universe. There are life forms that are billions of years ahead of us. We would be gods to the ancients. What would these conscious entities be considered by us?

  • IAY JOKHAN says:

    I have always held the opinion that the universe is the end product of a BLACKHOLE – as HAWKING suggested ..A WHITE HOLE ??

    • Gary Otto says:

      I’m not a believer in white holes. Black holes are both. The point of action for a black hole is not a central singularity; it is the event horizon. I establish this in my book Black Holes – The New Paradigm which will be in print in late October or early November 2018. Incidentally, Occam’s Razor is now a book. I just received the printed books last week. I will update this website and they can be purchased here in a couple of weeks. It’s pretty cool and a major fleshing out of the concepts expressed here.
      The event horizon of a black hole is a true Zeno’s reality. Time stops on the horizon. Black holes are surrounded with a “zero layer” of unrealized potential. This layer separates the thermodynamic system of the host universe from a separate universe with an entirely different system of cause and effect.

      Black holes switch time and space dimensions in a very specific way that gives us the universe that we see. It is really pretty cool.

  • Rolf Aalberg says:

    Looks like a shot in the dark, no further comments the past two years.

    • Gary Otto says:

      Rolf, It is not a shot in the dark, but I can understand why you say so. I have been preoccupied with turning Occam’s Razor into a book, which is now available in print. It will appear on this website in the next couple of weeks. For the first time I have sent it to a number of top physicists who I will contact and promote the theory. This is the T.O.E., i.e., the theory of everything. It merges quantum mechanics, General Relativity and information theory.

  • David Chester says:

    I have recently examined John Macken’s new book “Only Spacetime”. He also seeks a simp0le explanation for the universe. Not being an expert in these matters, I ask if what is being proposed here is the same thing, or what are the significant differences, particulary in the assumptions of course?
    Could the two ideas be combined?

    • Gary Otto says:

      I don’t know since I haven’t read Macken’s book. My guess is that Occam’s Razor in its totallity is unique among various writings.

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